My husband won’t help pay for my kids tuition. Should I divorse him? Did you see this one in the NY Times Magazine? For starters she is callng them MY kids not THEIR kids? Did he not adopt them? She claims that the biological father is hiding money but nowhere in the response are they bad mouthing the real father! How much is the real mother payng versus what she expects the stepfather to pay or what her son will be paying? No Clue.

I told my 3 kids early on that their parents would pay 100% for an In-State college and if they chose otherwise they would pay the difference! All 3 worked hard but chose to do otherwise! They all got scholarships and took loans to pay for the difference of which THEY are paying back NOT Joe Biden! Did the stepfather above have ANY say what school and how much he would have to pay! The left are just a bunch of sob sisters!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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