Ironic perhaps that the Embrace is the latest salute to Martin Luther King as he was embracing another woman the night before he was gunned down by that idiot white guy! King was quite the ladies man apparently and Corretta was not the only lady he embraced during thier marriage! Like JFK it does make you wonder exactly just how good their marriages were, given thier penchant for boinking almost anyrhing in a skirt!

That said, it seem to me that all Juneteen is accomplishing here is undercutting MLK day while providing government workers with another Federal Holiday! While in the private sector it continues to be mostly ignored! Too bad because he made the ultimate scarifice for black Americans and if we do build another FBI building perhaps his name should be on it instead of J. Edgars!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by Tim Simons on

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