Democracy Dies In Darkness

At the beginning of the 1800’s America was increasingly split between the Left’s support of the French, of States Rights and of an Agrarian society! The Right supported the former fatherland England, a strong Central Government and a Mercantile society. While the Left would prevail over the shorter term, longer term the Right would eventually prevail as a result of the southern Left being defeated by northern Right in Civil War!

At the beginning of the 2000’s America was increasingly split by the Left’s support of Socialism, of people of Color and a society based on Equity! The Right support of Capitalism, of people of no color, and a society based on Equality! The Left is currently prevailing in the short term like they did in the 1800’s. Whether or not this will result in another Civil War over the long term remains to be seen!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

80% of Media, 90% of Academia and 100% of Hollywood
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