Democrat Riots vs Republican Riot

President Biden will discuss the one and only Republican riot that took place almost 2 years ago while completely ignoring the Democrat riots that took place in many Cities the year before! None of these riots were insurrections but more people died during the Democrat riots which also caused way more property damage as well!

According to the NY Times 1 cop died of a heart attack, while 2 others committed suicide, and 4 of the rioters died. Of these 1 was shot dead, one crushed and the 2 other rioters died by stroke or heart attack during the Republican riot. As for the Democrat riots 700 cops injured, 12-19 protesters dead and billions in damages. As per Biden if you vote Republican you ain’t black so the BLM rioters must all be Democrat rioters!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Way to go Democrats! What, no Congressional Investigation? It’s coming!
Photo by Kelly on

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