I was living in Chicago when John Paul #2 became the Pope and all of the local Polish Americans were really thrilled. JP #2 was also working very closely with his fellow Pole, Lech Walesa to overthrow the world’s #2 superpower, the Soviet Union! The commies would put a cap in the Pope’s ass which came very close to killing him!

Today along comes Pope Francis #1 and he is literally robbing Peter to pay for millions of illegals to cross our southern borders! That is to say he is using American dollars donated to the St. Peters Fund and giving it to Mexican churches to feed the invading mob! This Pope is working overtime to defeat the last remaining superpower and our path to hell is clearly strewn with his good intentions! Please no caps in the ass for Frankie just stop giving him $$$!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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