Passing the Smell Test

The FBI raids Trump’s home looking for documents that he allegedly took out of the White House 18 months ago and just 3 months before the 2022 elections. On the other hand we are still waiting on Hunter Biden’s computer that was discovered before the 2020 election but won’t likely hear about that from the G-men until after the 2022 election! I really hope that they have something significant on Trump or all hell may break loose!

We are still waiting on the “hey everybody we are going to overthrow the government but leave your guns at home” insurrection committee decision and you can bet your ass that verdict will be announced before the 2022 election! I hope that Trump (and Biden) are not re-elected again one because he was a lousy person and the other because he was a lousy Father!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by Brett Sayles on

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