Ironic that Roe is an unfertilized egg, so I guess this case was about an unfertilized egg versus a fertilized egg! The issue facing the Supreme Court is whether their predecessors on the Court overstep their authority in allowing abortions that clearly was a right that belong to the States to allow or not allow! In New York the current abortion law goes well beyond what is allowed by Roe, while in Texas the law allows less than Roe does!

Now while you can get an abortion in all 50 States the root cause of the international socialist discontent is allowing the States to make different decisions as this undercuts the socialists ability to impose the very same decision on everyone! So in order to prevent people in California from wanting to move to Texas you have to be able to impose the same high taxes, out of control homelessness and crime in both places to in order to prevent this!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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