Seems to me that the gold standard for this was the Holocaust. Biden is throwing this description out there over 40 deaths in the Ukraine. If killing 40 innocents is the benchmark for genocide then there are a number of US Presidents who are war criminals as well! In response to this Zelensky has invited the former German and French leaders Merkel and Sarkozy respectively to see what they had caused by not allowing Ukraine to become a NATO country.

Recently my brother in law had a pacemaker implanted by a doctor who spoke with a foreign accent and when my sister asked him where he was from he replied Russia. My sister then berated Russia for invading Ukraine when this doctor shouted that Ukraine was Russian. As for myself I don’t care what they are but it is not worth starting WW 3 over them! The West needs to stop buying Russian Gas and in the end this was the nicer class of folks there who are to blame for all of this!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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