Ghis to the Max

I remember sitting on a jury in a civil trial when the judge charged the jury that we couldn’t consider how much money the plaintiff lawyer would take from any settlement we imposed! Within 30 seconds of sitting down in the jury room one of the jurors announce that we needed to give the victim 1 million dollars because his lawyer was going to take 30% of it. The jury foreman should have reported her to the judge! He didn’t!

In the case of Ghislaine Maxwell, one of the jurors did not fill out the juror questionnaire correctly and then went on to discuss his own sexual assault with the rest of the jury. Either because it was an innocent mistake or maybe something else! The democrat appointed judge would make the same politically correct mistake that the judge in the Cosby case would make. One assumes that the correct legal decision will ultimately prevail like it did for Cosby!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!