Born in the USA

This morning on TV they reported that someone was murdered by a guy with a Hispanic last name and I wondered if this person was a citizen of this country, A fair question because up to 30 million aren’t citizens! I believe that citizens of this country have a right to know just how many murders are committed by non-citizens against them!! But the left handed media will never report on this!

The Washing ton Post is absolutely correct that democracy dies in darkness but as a pro-democrat rag sheet they will not being shining any light on this topic either! One wonders if that pretty young lady who was murdered in an Iowa cornfield by a non citizen would have been alive today had we understood to what extent open borders was creating a crime problem here. The majority of non-citizens living in the USA are not criminals of course which would have included my immigrant German grandparents!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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