Made in China

Besides Covid-19, they make a lot of other stuff there including apparently hyper sonic missiles! They can do this because the world is buying there stuff. Biden thought that this would lead to China becoming a democracy but the left handed media is covering his flanks by reporting that no one could have predicted how powerful Chinese Chairman Xi would become! Absolutely ridiculous when you consider that his predecessor Chairman Mao was way more powerful that Xi!

What western leaders need to do is implement a plan that begins to source products that are Made in China with products that are made elsewhere. The West also needs to hold each other accountable for not meeting those alternative sourcing goals. Lastly someone in the West needs to develop a website that will help the consumer identify alternative products to Made in China products. For my part I will pay more attention to where products are being made!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by Tom Fisk on