America’s First Terrorist

No not Bin Laden but Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 over his support of Israel. Sirhan was born in Palestine and he is not an American citizen. For the last 50+ years he has lived at taxpayer expense in a California prison but the parole board has recently approved his release. This decision is pitting RFK’s kids against one another as 2 of them want him released while 6 others do not.

Sirhan wants to continue to live in the USA at taxpayer expense which of course begs the question on why he isn’t automatically being deported back to Palestine! Very likely he would be welcome back as a hero which would highlight the absolute lack of progress in finding a political solution there. Quite sure the Israeli’s would object to his return although nobody was complaining when the Israeli’s welcomed the American spy Jonathan Pollard to Israel recently.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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