Playing the Race Card

Seems like we are hearing more about slavery from angry black people who were not slaves, whose parents were not slaves and whose grandparents were not slaves. As a white guy I was not a slave owner, my kids were not slave owners and my grandkids were not slave owners. So why we are having this conversation about slave reparations when every slave owner and slave are long gone? Makes perfect sense in a country that is being increasingly driven by the political color divide in the USA.

For the same reason the left is promoting A black lives matter movement as opposed to an ALL black lives matter movement because you would now have to confront why 7000 black people are murdering 7000 black people every year. Neither do black people want to confront why they have not succeeded over the last 3 generations when brand new Asian and Hispanic immigrants are surpassing then in both education and income. Time to put away the slave baggage.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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