Haven’t watched this show in a long time but apparently very popular given the reaction to Alex Trebeks passing and the selection process for his replacement. Frankly amazing that they would go thru this charade of a try out process only to pick the Producer of the show. That should have been stated up front that he was in the mix and so whatever PR Pee Brain was responsible for this should get the axe!

Now I don’t care who they pick as i’m still not going to watch this show anyway. But not choosing Mayim Bialik is just another PR blunder by the same PR Pee Brain at Sony Pictures in my opinion. I think if they keep this up who knows maybe their job will be in jeopardy too. I don’t think that the Jeopardy show Producer has heard the last of this either and just resigning as host is going to be enough here.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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