Transgender Olympics

Otherwise called the athlete formerly known as a prince. This is only an issue for transgender “women” as transgender “men” will never be a gold medal threat for someone born with a penis! Just as women were starting to come into their own the pendulum swung well past where it should have! Let’s say that science develops artificial legs that allows someone born with no legs to run the mile in 1 minute flat. Which version of the Olympics are they going to be allowed to run in?

To be frank I stopped watching the Olympics when they allowed professional athletes to compete! It is not an International sporting event but rather has become a highly nationalistic one instead. First between the USA and Soviet Russia who have been replaced by China! The fix is to eliminate individual country teams and have them all compete as the Planet Earth team. As for a transgender Olympics perhaps someone who was born with a penis and doesn’t want one should compete against someone who wasn’t born with a penis and does want one.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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