Ministry of Propaganda

Otherwise known as the Propaganda Broadcasting System. For your viewing pleasure they are going to run a program on the rise of Neo-Nazism and the extreme Right in Germany! Nothing wrong with that but they will never run a program on the rise of Neo-Communism and the extreme Left in America. When you consider how biased the mainstream media has become over the last few years, you understand just how easy Joseph Goebbels had it in Germany in the 1930’s!

In the 2030’s America will be contending with the successor of Bolshevik Bernie, will it be AOC or some other member of the Marxist Squad? We will be having our own leftist reign of terror against the remaining capitalist pigs in America and it will be every bit as crazy as it was in Petrograd after Lenin took control their. Will democracy survive or will dictatorship prevail once the coming global depression sets in?

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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