Scene 21

The following Sunday Ricky Gervais is having breakfast with Chris Rock. Ricky tells Chris that he is going to become a father. Oh my god your joining the Priesthood Rock tells Ricky. Gervais who is very easily distracted goes off on a tangent and tells Chris about the time when he was a kid applying to become an alter boy the priest asked him if everything was ok down there pointing to his little ricky. Wow and what did your angry inch say to the Priest, Chris asked.

Getting back to the subject at hand Ricky shouts for Christ sakes i’m going to have a baby. Always busting Ricky’s balls Chris says are you telling me the surgery was successful, well if we’re talking about my vasectomy clearly it wasn’t Ricky replied. Jesus, just think by the time your kid is getting out of diapers you’ll be getting into them Chris replies.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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