Scene Nineteen

Early the following morning Caterina Murino is sitting on Ricky Gervais side of the bed and asking him if he is awake. Grunting at her, she asks him to open his eyes. When he complies he sees her waving a pregnancy tester in front of his face. Jumping out of bed he starts screaming holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. When he calms himself down Caterina says to Ricky you know you’re the Father right? Gervais shrugs and says who else could it be. Do you know what you want to do Ricky asks? Shaking her head no she starts to cry.

Taking Caterina into his arms Ricky tells her that was a very stupid question but for what it is worth he knows that she would make a great mother if that is what she really wants. Lifting her head off Ricky’s chest she asks him if he really thinks so. Ricky says of course of I do. And you would be okay with that Caterina asks? Of course I would Ricky replied and then said to her well I guess our vacation is over!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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