Scene 18

On the way to Hawaii for their 4 week vacation Caterina Murino is telling Ricky Gervais that she is going off the pill given that Ricky has had a vasectomy and is producing only jizz lite anyway. Gervais is thrilled because he is interpreting this as more evidence that she is committed to him. But then always the pessimist he realizes that Caterina will be getting her period while they are on vacation and how is that going to work out.

Thinking about this Ricky remembers the old joke about the difference between a lady terrorist and a lady with PMS. You can negotiate with a terrorist! He wonders which one Caterina will turn out to be once she has her period. Three weeks into their vacation and there is still no sign of either. All of a sudden Murino drops a bomb shell and tells Ricky that she has missed her time of the month. Half joking Ricky tells her that he hasn’t missed it all. Staring daggers Caterina tells him that she needs to get a pregnancy tester.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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