Scene 17

Rick Gervais is having Sunday breakfast with Chris Rock who is holding a sausage link in his hand and asking Ricky if he has managed to marinated his meat yet. Ricky nods and tells Chris that his blood is never going back into his big head! He is sure that Caterina Murino has experienced the very last intelligent conversation she will ever have with him. Rock tells him not to worry as Gervais has already established a very low intellectual standard with her and she is very unlikely to notice this anyway.

Ricky shrugs and tells Chris that he and Cat are going to Hawaii for the next month to really get to know each other. Gervais is again thinking that at his age if anything is going to happen between them it better happen sooner as opposed to later. Rock tells him that he might want to lay in a supply of little blue pills. Ricky tells him that his pink steel couldn’t possibly get any harder!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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