Yellow Supremacy

Otherwise known as the Chinese Communist Party. I must be color blind because I don’t see them as being particularly yellow but them again I think black people are actually more brown in color! Is it even okay to put a color label on supremacists? Isn’t that inherently racist? Apparently not so much these days as the Demmy’s media allies only mention the white variety which for the increasing party of color makes complete sense.

The ex CDC head believes that the Chinese pandemic escaped from a virus lab in Wuhan but we will never know because the yellow supremacists kept the World Health Organization (WHO) out of Wuhan for over a year after their coverup began. The pro Biden media is way more focused beating up on the white supremacist in America over the 8 tragic deaths in Atlanta then they are beating up on the Yellow Supremacists in China over the 2.8 million deaths their coverup created!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

With friends like Xi does the WHO need more enemies?
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