Fan Base

Every now and then I see a movie/tv person talking about their fans. This terminology implies less of a transactional relationship than it does if you were to refer to them as a customer. Referring to them as customers would imply that the relationship was financially driven as opposed to a purely emotional connection. Now while a “fan” may see it as a personal relationship at the end of the day the “actor” has to pay the mortgage on their mansion in Beverly Hills and for the loans on their yacht and private jet.

The really successful ones are surrounded by very smart business agents and PR folks who are advising them on how to maximize their fan base so as to maximize their financial income. Because their fan base is primarily teenage somethings it makes perfect sense that their political pronouncements are going to find special appeal with this key 🔑 customer base! This is why you see so few “conservatives” at award ceremonies unless of course the host is one!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

No longer a fan of award shows as they have become so politicized!
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