The Next Pearl Harbor

Had the Commander of the US Fleet Admiral Richardson had his way there would not have been a first Pearl Harbor. Ironically today the U S Fleet is based in Japan and not Pearl so as to meet the newly rising naval power of China. One of the lessons of US General Billy Mitchell who would end up being court marshaled, was an attempt by him to overcome Pentagon bureaucrats resistance to the emerging threat of air power. This threat would ultimately lead to the demise of the battle ship.

Today the Chinese Navy is larger than our own but US Naval experts say that our ships are better than the Chinese. The other advantage that they point out is that we have more sailors than they do, although quantity isn’t necessarily an indication of quality or even efficiency. Now while we are not suggesting that US surface ships have not played an important role post WW2, the fact is we have had control over the sky’s. The next Pearl Harbor won’t be fought with airplanes but rather with missiles and that technological advance will likely spell the demise of all surface warships!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Is there a missile version of Billy Mitchell?
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