My father-in-law survived a pandemic, a global depression and a world war in the 1900’s and very likely his great grandkids will be facing the very same challenges over the next several years. This time around the stakes are much higher given the addition of global warming and the proliferation of nuclear ☢️ weapons. In the last century the democracies failed to hold the fascists accountable for their actions and in this century the democracies have failed to hold the Chinese communist dictators accountable for their inactions over the pandemic.

This failure will only embolden Xi to conduct his own version of the Anschluss in Hong Kong which if successful will then be followed by his own version of the Sudetenland in Taiwan 🇹🇼. Unfortunately history does repeat itself and once again a new generation has failed to learn its lessons. Our grandchildren will be paying a huge price for this failure but then it seems that the innocent always pay for the sins of the guilty!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Once again Biden got it wrong on free trade with China!
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