Bait and Switch

Lately the left handed media has been talking about white supremacist’s beating up on Asian/Chinese folks because Trump called the pandemic the China virus! Pretty sure that everyone on the planet had already figured out where Wuhan was before Trump had weighed in! Doesn’t change the fact any that a few assholes on the right were harassing the wrong folks. Just like a few assholes on the left where looting and pillaging during the black lives marches although the media on the left weren’t rightly blaming the BLM leaders for this!

All of this is just a diversion because now that sleepy joe has gotten us back into the WHO what exactly is the Demmy propaganda machine saying about the millions sickened and killed by the Chinese government cover up of Covid-19 or Chinese virus or Wuhan virus or whatever you prefer to call it. The Chinese covered up the initial event and then did not let the WHO into Wuhan for over a year! Quite sure that Xi is thrilled to see the stories above focused on blaming Trump as opposed to the absolute pathetic performance of the world health organization and Xi!    

And that is all I’m going to say about that!               

a few rotten apples on both the left and right
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