At a minimum Janet Yellen is a socialist economist and at worst a Marxist one! As Fed Chair she piled on the debt after the bubble burst and she will do so again as Treasury Secretary. $15 bucks per hour minimum wage and higher corporate taxes will increase the cost on what everyone pays for the products they purchase!

On top of this she will add even more trillions to the national debt, when Biden’s partisan Covid bill finally passes. But even democrat economist and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers says of this bill “its ambition, its rejection of austerity orthodoxy and its commitment to reducing economic inequality are all admirable” confirms that the Dem’s are transferring Trump voter wealth to their own voters! Once that debt finally comes due it will have wiped out what is left of the middle class in the USA!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!    

every white person pays $70000 to every black person who gets $300,000 for something neither did nor was!
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