Sob Sisters and Peace Society’s

Back in the day this is how FDR referred to the nicer class of folks who were keeping him from making war against the fascists! Today their great grandkids are once again taking control over the government in this country. Had their ancestors not prevented FDR from going to war sooner as opposed to later maybe there would have been 6 dead Nazi’s instead of 60 million dead.

Today these folks are appeasing both Xi and Putin and should China and Russia become a real threat will there be 6 dead or 6 billion dead this time around? While the biggest long term threat is the increasing climate change, the biggest short term threat is the increasing debt load of the Western democracies! Once the global depression takes place the sob sisters and pease societies will push for a unilateral disarmament of the West.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Academics and Sob Sisters
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