Very Ironic because the white union guys who had a union industry monopoly are responsible for driving their particular industry into either bankruptcy or overseas or both! As for the white guy CEO’s running these companies they raced to either move their manufacturing overseas or buy their product overseas! Why not when you could make way more profit for your company and give yourself a huge raise in the process!      

So while those high paying manufacturing jobs have all but disappeared the high paying CEO’s in America have not! In fact the concentration of wealth in the USA is at an all-time high! For Americans of color this country was not as great as the white folks thought it was! For them it may not take so much to make it greater or even great. What remains to be seen is whether the career Demmy POLS continue to treat these folks as a permanent indentured servant voting class for their Party! Otherwise known as the green💰new deal.       

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Union Infrastructure jobs
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