Franklin Delano Biden

The media darlings on the left are already pushing this one out there. In fact one of them said that because he is the most experienced person ever to be elected that he was bound to do a great job. But given his 50 year career the most difficult shot he took during the 2020 campaign was actually from his eventual VP pick who in realty accused him of being against voluntary busing when in fact he was rightly against forced busing. But as she has said that’s politics.

Things have gotten so bad in DC that FDB is ruling by executive fiat, and speaking of DC the Dem’s want to make it a State so they can have fifty- two Senators instead. Failing that they will push for making Puerto Rico a State in its place. Plan B is to make millions of new Demmy voters out of the folks that came here illegally in the next 8 years. They will also complete the work they started of getting rid of the filibuster and will attempt to kill the electoral college as well. One way or the other the Dems will rule the country for the next 20 years just like FDR/Truman did!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

If FDB gets as sick as FDR will the media look the other way again?