Impeachment #2

As they say you can indict a ham sandwich and as Trump was the biggest ham to ever hold this office he made a very easy target for Pelosi to indict him again! The question now is will the Senate vote to remove him from an office that he no longer occupies. Pandemic, China, Russia, Iran, Climate Change, Immigrants charging the border, and a New Administration sure let’s do this one first.

The only advantage for the Republicans is that a conviction would mean that Trump could not run again for President either as a Republican or as an independent. Mitch McConnell was just re-elected for what will very likely be his last six year term. The real question for him is what is more likely going to help him become the Majority Leader in 2 years, serve up ham or tell Pelosi to stop passing chicken shit around!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

green eggs and ham!
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