Let’s say that there are 50 Republican Senators and 50 Democrat Senators. All the Democrat Senators vote for a bill to say increase the minimum wage to 15 bucks and only 1 Republican Senator votes to do this as well. The Demmy’s are going to crow that it was a bi-partisan vote to support the 15 buck minimum wage! But is that a really reasonable standard when 49 Republican Senators voted against it?

So what then is a reasonable definition of bi-partisanship? So let’s say that 26 democrats and 25 republicans voted for 15 bucks an hour is that more reasonable? Or do you need 26 democrats and 26 republicans in order to make this claim? Whatever it is I know it is not 50 democrats and 1 republican voting for 15 bucks per hour but this standard and other versions therefore will be touted by the left leaning media many times over the next 2 years at least!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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