decline and fall of democracy

HR McMaster has stated that with the collapse of the Soviet Union western leaders declared a permanent victory over dictatorships! These same leaders would open the door to China with the same naive notion that this would ultimately vanquish dictatorship there as well! Some 30 years later the West is facing powerful dictatorships in both Russia and China! So much for winning the cold war!

In the West we are seeing the emergence of the better class of folks taking power much like they did in the 1930’s in the UK and America. The only thing that is missing is a global depression and that unfortunately is coming our way. Who will be the winner this time around democracy’s or dictatorships? Maybe we will get lucky like we did the last time and it will actually be peace in our time. Or maybe not!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!     

Perhaps the next dictator will be American
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