Red China

According to General McMaster “Since the 1990’s US policy toward China betrayed all the elements of strategic narcissism: wishful thinking, mirror imaging, confirmation bias, and the belief that others will conform to a US developed “script”. This pretty much summed up Senator Joe Biden’s thinking at that time and explains why he will “appear” to take a harder line with Xi having been completely bamboozled by the Chinese!

I remember Bob Galvin saying that he asked Chairman Deng that if he allowed Motorola to own 100% of the semiconductor plant he planned to build in China that he would build a world class operation. Deng understood completely the long term value of that kind of technology transfer for China. Just like a black widow spider America’s consumer driven economy consumed its own with no real thought of the longer term consequences to America and Democracy.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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