Mob Rule

It appears that the Secret Service did a better job of protecting the President and the White House last year from the democrat mob than the Capital Police did in protecting The Speaktress and the US Capital last week from the ex-democrat mob. I actually heard a reporter say that we almost lost our freedom the other day! You gotta be kidding me, how completely absurd but I’m sure it made Putin’s day to hear this! The fact is that the voters swatted both Pelosi and Trump last fall although admittedly the President got the worst of it.

The Republicans have very much been on the defensive since the implosion of the Iraq war which Pelosi voted for as well as the housing bubble which Pelosi helped to create. What Trump accomplished was to go after disaffected democrats which leveled the playing field. Had he not been a complete egomaniac and focused on a limited number of doable objectives instead, he may well have been reelected. This would have required undercutting Biden’s entire election strategy but that of course would have only involved wearing a mask!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!     

Democrat Mob versus Ex-Democrat Mob
Photo by Markus Spiske on