I remember when my wife had her annual physical from her male doctor that included a pelvic exam. He asked a female nurse to step in to observe him do this. When you live in a country with the number of lawyers we have and a social media that is very quick to declare someone guilty a guy has to be very smart about stuff like that.

In the business world 19% of Male bosses don’t want To Hire Attractive Women at the Workplace, 27% of Male bosses avoid direct meetings with Women subordinates and 21% of male bosses also said that they were not keen on hiring women for roles involving close interaction with male counterparts. I understand that the ladies want their cake but you can’t blame a Male boss for trying to keep theirs!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!  

The prettier the subordinate the more you look guilty
Photo by Gabb Tapic on Pexels.com