Numero Uno

According to a recent study China will surpass the USA as the #1 economy in the world by 2028. This is 5 years sooner than expected and is the result of the Pandemic. While the USA took a -5% hit to its economy China actually grew by +2%. This is because the USA responded to covid poorly while China handled it far more effectively.

For example my kid sister lives in Hong Kong and when she returns there after the holidays will have to stay in a hotel that was chosen for her and will have to wear a gps locator while in quarantine for two weeks. Nothing like that has happened in the West which is why Covid is out of control there. They are focused on getting the best result while we are focused on having the fairest process. But we couldn’t have just elected the very best person to take us into 2nd place!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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