Rewriting History

According to Secretary of State Simpson after WWI “many Americans were persuaded by a new school of writers (think bloggers) that in 1917 they had gone to war not because of unrestricted submarine warfare (Lusitania) and still less because Imperial Germany (China today) threatened the world’s freedom, but because of the munitions makers (now capitalist), the bankers (bankers again), and the sly propagandist of England (Russia) and France (China)”!

This revisionist history would help to keep America out of WW2 ensuring the deaths of 60 million folks, six million of which were Jewish. Today history is being rewritten again and the statues are falling in America and the West. The League of Nations was a complete failure in preventing another world war and the UN will be of no help preventing another! Deja’s vu all over again!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Banging noises inside some ships could be heard for up to 2 weeks
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