Lady Gag Gag

Beginning in the 1960’s our political election process became increasingly superficial driven starting with JFK and then Reagan both of whom were charming, charismatic and likeable! They would be followed by W and almost Hillary who were both entirely a result of nepotism. Along comes Obama, Trump and now perhaps a future Woodrow Wilson. Thank God for Kamala who has just broken both the asian and vagina VP barriers!

So even though we are moving into more dangerous times we are increasingly electing Doctor Feel Good types of folks! All of which is being driven by our blatantly biased media environment and endorsements from the Lady and other so called politically astute Hollywood folk. Sure let us all vote for candidates that are endorsed by either Kim or Kanye! Or better yet just vote for Kanye for Prez in 2024! Why he is almost as qualified as some of the folks above!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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