The Goodfodder

“McCain and Romney were pimps! They never could’ve out-fought Obama. But I didn’t know until this day that it was Biden all along.” Joe fixed the economy after the Housing Bubble burst! He fixed the last pandemic. He killed Osama Bin Laden and fixed ISIS. He kept Nukes out of the hands of the Iranians and fixed the climate crisis by signing the Paris Accords! If Obama is reading the newspapers lately he has got to wonder what exactly HE did for 8 years in the White House.  

If that isn’t bad enough the left handed media is already greasing the skids and lowering the expectation bar for Joe as he is only going to handle strategy while delegating the heavy lifting to his various underbosses! What the press isn’t telling you is that some of his votes helped to create the housing bubble, that he recommended not going after Osama, that he let ISIS cross Obama’s red line in Syria, that he was only keeping nukes out of Iran for ten years, that the Paris accords are not working in Paris and yes he voted for Iraq #2, while creating a 20 trillion dollar debt!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!