Yesterday was the 102nd anniversary of the so called end of WW1. Some might say that it was really the beginning of WW2.  Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger issued a recent warning that we may be headed to another WW1 event. The UK Chief of the Defense Staff General Carter warned the day before this year’s Armistice Day that the world could be facing a World War 3. All that is missing here is a global depression which drove us into WW2.

Unfortunately for America we just elected a leader who has been accused of being on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue in the last 40 years by someone who was Bush 41’s CIA director and Obama’s Secretary of Defense. On top of this is the concern that Joe’s brain isn’t exactly aging like a fine bottle of wine. His VP has only 3 years of federal experience and it makes you wonder how well they will compete against the likes of XI and Putin who have both brains and experience!  With Obama’s three years of experience and Trump’s zero experience we have not exactly been giving then a run for their money leadership wise!  

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier early in the morning at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia,