Catch a Cracker by the Toe

As young kids growing up in a whitey tighty suburb I used the N word to choose sides while my future wife went to the candy store to buy some N word candy babies. Neither of us at the time understood the significance of the N word, so you could say we were completely unconscious racism wise. This would change significantly with the birth of my two beautiful grandkids.

Recently for some odd reason I happened to mention something about chain gangs, to the mother of my two beautiful bi-racial grandkids and she said that was unconscious racism! To which her mother and I responded that the chain gangs we saw were mostly white! In fact in 1960, sixty-six out of every 100 inmates in the USA was white! Seems to me that my daughter was being consciously over protective but you do have to ask why 33% of the inmate population was folks of color in 1960!   

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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