Peace in our Times

I know someone who is so ordered that they can’t tolerate any kind of disorder and as a result would have had a real dislike for that war monger Churchill. I know someone else who would have had the same problem with Churchill because he had no definitive proof. Unfortunately those types of folks would (and did) impose 60 million dead on the world instead of 6 dead Nazi’s had they lived in the 1930’s.

The West may well be facing similar circumstances in the 2030’s. Will another Churchill emerge and more importantly will Western democracies follow his/her lead or once again ignore her/his lead for the same reasons? Will it be 6 dead or 60 million dead or perhaps 600 million dead the next time? Why are Western democracies going to do a better job this time around? According to Dr. Kissinger they are moving in the wrong direction again!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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