I love Sasha Baron Cohen but his latest effort in the middle of a political campaign raises some basic fairness issues which I’m sure he could care less about. Let’s face it Rudy has an interesting track record with the ladies having married a cousin and providing a NYPD security detail to his mistress while being married to New York’s first lady! So no surprise that he was punk’d by Borat!  

Had Cohen also Punk’d Hunter Biden at the same time who has his own interesting track record with the ladies having taken up with his brothers widow and impregnating a lady he met at a strip club then I would have less of a problem here but of course he would have pissed off his audience and the left leaning media while undercutting his own political leftist leanings. He could have waited a few weeks until the election was over but his movie would have been less timely and less well viewed! Plus someone needs to tell Borat that you wear the mask on your big head!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!