The great UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden was much more focused on process as opposed to result. This was because he clearly knew what result he was looking for! Winning games and National Championships. For Biden and the Democrats it is all about the process, especially when it comes to their allies! So for example you are not getting the result you need in education so that our kids can compete in the world!

So throw more money at the teachers which is exactly what we have been doing the last 20 years or so. Had we not allowed the teachers union to “fix” the SAT scores maybe we would have a better understanding of just how much good money we throwing at bad results. The Demmy’s have to send all our kids to college so that they can be as well educated as their grandparents who only finished High School! Just like the US auto industry that could never overcome their monopolistic UAW union we will NEVER have a winning educational program as long as the monopolistic teachers union continues to have its way!       

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by Gustavo Linhares on Pexels.com