Win Win

What Putin and Xi both recognize is that an idiot or incompetent US President works either way for them! Both Jinping and Boris completely understand that Marxism does not work, so pushing the democracies to adopt increasingly far left policies will more likely lead to a peaceful resolution of their world leadership goals. The reality in America is that Bernie Sanders and some of his fellow followers are in fact closet Marxist.

The EU’s increasing dependence for Chinese money and Russian natural gas will facilitate Xi/Putin’s ability to divide and conquer some if not all of the European countries. The left’s increasing demand for higher taxes to address income re-distribution, government health care, climate change and interest payment for the Federal debt will make the USA even less competitive. The left in turn will compensate for this by cutting military spending!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by Paulo Marcelo Martins on