I think because I was bottle fed that I grew up to be one of these. I remember driving by a State Park that had a sign saying that the La Leche League would be having a meeting there the next day. I told my wife that I was going to go to it dressed up as a milk carton and holding a got milk sign. She was not amused.

She had breast fed our three kids and when that ended her boobs ended up looking like two fried eggs hanging from a nail. Recently I learned that mothers milk sells for up to a 100 bucks an ounce. Had I known that, my wife would still have a great set of knockers. A WIN/WIN.

All that said I think that the men in the US Congress (while they are still in the majority) should pass two laws. One making it illegal for a woman to have breast reduction surgery and the other authorizing Obamacare to pick up 100% of the cost of breast enlargement surgery!