Ant Versus Grasshopper

In the European Union; Greece, Italy and Spain are the fiscally irresponsible grasshoppers while in the USA it is California, Illinois and New York who lead the way. The Dems who run these States want the fiscally responsible ants from other States to bail them out of bankruptcy leveraging the pandemic as the reason for doing so!

This has become even more imperative as the Ants who live in these Grasshopper run States are growing tired of picking up the increasing tab for this and are now moving to States that are run by Ants. However the increasing number of illegal grasshoppers combined with locally bred grasshoppers which was the result of increasing global competition will eventual take over from the declining population of Ants! The very richest of these increasingly hated and despised Ants will have no choice but to either pay up or get out of the country altogether!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

nature animal insect grasshopper
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