The Hollywood Ten

While Jewish Americans are less than 3% of the US population, 60% of the Ten were Jewish. One wonders if the HUAC was very anti-Semitic or perhaps a lot of Jewish people just happened to work in Hollywood or maybe many were members of the American Communist Party. Who knows. But as a long term discriminated group lots of potential appeal for Marxism and its espousal of a classless, stateless society.

We applaud the Ten’s sacrifice in standing up for our civil liberties but not for those of them who became apologist for the leftist mass murderer Josef Stalin. In a recent interview on C-Span Brian Lamb made the comment to David Maraniss whose Jewish father was black listed that he could understand why Maraniss’ father supported Stalin in 1939, but not at all by 1953. It is dangerous to hold these folks up as civil rights hero’s on the one hand without at the same time condemning those of them who supported someone who was every inch a mass murderer as Hitler was! But then of course Stalin murdered far fewer Jewish people than Hitler had.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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