OMG a white slave! WTF white lives matter too! A great movie written by a Stalin apologist. But perhaps the SOB didn’t think that Russian lives mattered also back then? Frankly amazing how Hollywood has given these folks a complete pass on this kind of thinking! Perhaps they should be paying reparations to the descendants of the Russian peasants who were starved to death by Stalin!

Should there even be a statue of limitations on this kind stupidity and/or naivety? If not then Biden’s vote for the Iraq War resolution alone should have disqualified him to run for President twice already. But as we all know the voters have very short memories, so the 3rd time will be a charm for Joe. What is very interesting is that Biden is moving to the Left because he understands that it wasn’t the Russians who stole the last election but rather that the left stayed home!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!