Broken Windows

A police strategy that was used successfully in NYC for several years. My youngest daughter went to Barnard College just like Tessa Majors did and many times walked thru the same park that Tessa did. Unlike Tessa my baby girl would survive and go on to get her PhD at Columbia, Tragically, Tessa never made it out of her freshman year.

One of the differences is that my daughter went at a time when the NYPD did stop and frisks. Now as we stop frisking and defund our cops the murder rates will be increasing once again. I remember seeing Sophia Loren coming out of a swank NYC hotel in October of 1970. She had been robbed in her hotel room at gunpoint the night before. No one was safe there and the City was absolutely lawless then. Let’s hope we don’t come full circle!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

crime scene do not cross signage
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